Reviews Alkozeron

  • Alexander
    Tried various methods and products. Or no result at all, or the effect quickly passed, after a week again began to drink as before. With alkozeron everything is different. Thanks to this capsule not drink for eight months! Sorry, I did not know before, that there is such an effective tool, at such an affordable price.
  • Martin
    Because of the constant drinking wife left him, took the kids. Left alone, I realized that nobody needs. Decided it was time to do something. Addressed to the psychiatrist. The doctor recommended to take the capsules alkozerontold that the better. Don't drink anymore, I hope the wife and kids will be home soon and we'll be happy as it was before my alcoholism.
  • Andrea
    To relax after a day of drinking that drink every night. One day I realized that without it can no longer and became dependent. To contact the clinic did not dare. I read on the Internet about the possible ways of treatment. On the forum learned about alkozeron. After a few days alcohol began to turn up. Don't drink anymore, I feel great!
  • Peter
    Effective tool to fight alcohol dependence. Brother for more than 10 years becomes an inveterate drunkard. It got to the point that his wife left him, took their son. Accidentally learned from a friend that there is capsules alkozeronthat help to quit drinking within a few days of receipt. And so it happened, and I finally after so many years saw him sober.
  • Verena
    Alkozeron saved our family, and in particular, the life of her husband. From a good decent person alcohol addiction has turned him into an unemployed and irresponsible drunkard. Daily drinking, the fumes throughout the apartment... Now this is the third month not drinking at all. Was forced to drink these capsules under the form of tablets for a headache.
Reviews Alkozeron